An analysis of an image

An analysis of an image which considers some current event to be taken from recent newspaper/magazine/website, drawing on wider research and writing/interviews about or with the people involved



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week 3: A short interview about a family photograph

Week 1: Favourite picture

Surrounded by fashion photography and models in my day to day, and seeking constant inspiration, I came across this image one day and was breath taken by everything in the image. In this image of Super model Tyra Banks Taken by Steven Meisel, theres no obstruction, as most portraits, but this specific photo has such a clean and crisp look to it.

The lighting within the image captures Tyra’s features perfectly allowing us as the viewers to really see her.  For me as someone who is a fan of Steven Meisel and Tyra I know they both love to embrace culture and you can really see that within the head piece, it may not be necessarily the objective for the photo, but interpreting from a fan prospective I feel that it s a great element to this photograph.

In awe of the photograph, I tried to recreate the image style, but would like to go back to re-doing the image as I did not have enough time at the time I took the image to recreate it to the t.

Exploring the lighting is something I feel could be really improved in my version and also a rotation of cameras could help my picture be as interesting as Steven Meisel’s original image also focusing around this one image could lead to different experiences with photography.

Cos play:

CHANEL: Mademoiselle privé


Mademoiselle Privé, the Saatchi Gallery exhibition was a pleasure to see. Learning about the birth of Coco Chanel as a brand as a fan of the brand was a all round great experience, it also includes a short film made by Karl Lagerfeld portraying an imaginative encounter between him and the woman who founded Chanel.

Coco, played by Geraldine Chaplin, confronts Lagerfeld about his work. “What do you think you are doing?” she asks, to which he replies “I am keeping you alive.”



A recent look at the Chanel Resort fashion show, I question if Karl Lagerfeld is really ‘keeping’ channel ‘alive’, although we are in a modern day would Chanel choose some of the designs that Karl chose to display or would she have kept it simple and would she have created another iconic item such as ‘the little black dress’.

The curation of the exhibition its self was beautifully displayed and it played on Chanels simplistic and elegant style and the navigation of the rooms were presented in a style that suited the brand as a whole.

Overall I loved the exhibition and felt inspired by the way Chanel works as I feel felt something about the brand.i love jack also.


Fashion Cultures: Shoessss

In the first Fashion Cultures study, taught by Dene October, we were all given an envelop that contained an image of a shoe. We were given Chopnies duck shoes.chopines

These were the shoes we were given to research. My first impression of the footwear was “how does one even walk in these?” and from my curiosity lead to the question of who? and why?

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 13.15.49.pngThese shoes were around from the ages


Fashion Faux-pas

460498_3333458889866_1136796894_oWe were asked to look back at some of our fashion faux-pas, I can happily say I could not really find any.

My reasons for not being able to find any fashion faux-pas’ is, what may be a fashion faux-pas to someone else may be an expression of yourself and the only way you can become uncomfortable with what you wear is if i does not suit into the norms of society.

Norm are described to be the guideline or an expectation for behaviour and in this case, dressing. Each society makes up its own rules for dressing  and decides when those rules have been violated and what to do about it.

The consequence of violating the norms of fashion are approached in various ways depending on your chosen society.

It is all a matter of taste and perception, I myself am a very fashion conscience person, so when I am deciding what to where thought does go into the process before leaving the door because I am a part of a society where I have to be aware of what I wear, but we can easily go a round in a circle discussing why we care about how we look and why we care about how others perceive us.




Cos Play: Breakfast at tiffany’s




The little ‘black dress’ boringly by chanel

  • One of the Most expensive dress
  • Iconic
  • Chanel and John Patou
  • intended to be long-lasting, versatile, affordable and accessible
  • ‘Holly’ wears Givenchy

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